• Customized solutions

  • Based on industrial standards

Embedded Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Products

Custom designs

Specialists in Custom designs and projects for Industrial market across the world with advanced requirements. From the basic specifications of your requirement, we are able to design, develop and manufacture the best adapted solution to your need.

Support experience

Offering the best support experience with free access to software, developing tools, schematics, tutorials and many other resources. Customers will enjoy a direct support from ISEE developers and also a total access to an active support community of developers and experts.


Beyond their own form factors, ISEE Tech is member of SGET and has adopted the SMARC standard. This is a versatile, small form factor for embedded computer modules. It is suited to applications that require low power, low cost and high performance.


The ISEE services fully guarantee our work, and our clients are given High Tech support in the development of optimal engineering solutions:

  • Customized solutions & projects
  • Official ISEE Support
  • Supply Chain & Quality


Our Support Service is one of the key factors that help our clients to succeed in their projects.


Are you interested in our products or designs? Please contact us and we will response to you as soon as possible. 

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