Expansion board for SMARC modules

An unique development board for any SMARC module

The SMARC EXPANSION is a fully equipped baseboard that access to almost all  SMARC functionalities. It has been designed to be used as the fastest way to develop and check the user’s final application before building a prototype, saving costs and reducing time to market.

This model can be used with all the SMARC series modules. Thanks to this design, the user only need to purchase one Expansion board to check all the SMARC modules manufactured by ISEE Tech.



1 x SMARCTMconnector

1 x Power Supply (+5 V) connector

2 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Base RJ45

1 x HDMI Type A receptacle

1 x LCD 24-bit connector

1 x Touchscreen connector

1 x XLCD expansion 40-pin header

1 x LVDS expansion 24-pin header

2 x CSI connector, 2-lanes

1 x Parallel Camera expansion 14-pin header

1 x Stereo Line Input Mic/Line

1 x Stereo Line Output Headphone

1 x I2S 14-pin header

3 x USB 2.0 type A receptacle

1 x USB 3.0 type AB receptacle

1 x USB2 expansion 14-pin header

1 x Modem USB interface

1 x mSATA interface

1 x PCI expansion 20-pin header

1 x Micro-SD connector

1 x SIM-card connector

2 x DSI connector

2 x CAN bus 6-pin header

1 x SPI 20-pin header

1 x I/O expansion 28-pin header

4 x Serial UART 3V3 expansion 6-pin header


1 x Button-LED (2 LEDs: red, blue)

3 x Boot jumpers

1 x Control 20-pin header


142,00 mm x 90,00 mm (1)


(1)Without case.


150,00 mm x 100,00 mm x 30,00 mm



Hardware Reference Manual


SMARC Guides


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